Sunday, July 3, 2016

God's Way

I would like to say that I consistently take each day in stride and handle whatever comes my way with grace, positivity and faith.  It would be sweet to say that regardless of the obstacles in my life, I simply press on and smile my way through it all, without a care in the world.  My family and friends sometimes thank me for being supportive of them, and helping them through tough times in their life.  The truth is, it’s not me that has the power to influence and change anything; it is the Lord.

I wish I had answers to all of the issues in my life right now.  Trying to juggle being a great wife, mother, sibling, friend, employee and Christian woman is hard for me at the moment. My outward mood may say “woo hoo, life is great” (which honestly it is!), but inside I sometimes feel like I am crumbling apart like a stale piece of bread.  I know that these struggles are temporary and that enables me to keep moving forward, because what awaits me is far better that any stress I am currently experiencing!

When my adult sons call me to talk about travel plans, housing needs or how to manage school, work and life in general I point them to the Lord.  I remind them that He has plans for them, to prosper them and not harm them, to give them hope and a future.  I want them both to build their trust in Him because ultimately His ways are the best for each of them.  I offer my support and advice, however it is always sprinkled generously with a helping of the Word!  It is wonderful to see the fruits of my children’s labor developing in their lives, and that they glorify Him through it all.

Conversations between my teenage daughter and I are often filled with laughter, jokes and goofiness.  We have a fun-loving, close relationship and can talk about anything. Of course there are times that the discussions cover serious topics that cause fear, uncertainty and doubt. When a friendship is changing, relationships are beginning or ending, or a decision has to be made about trying out for a High School sports team, I will listen empathetically, praying with and for her as she seeks guidance from the Lord in her attempt at choosing what she will do.  I hope she will learn that praying for God's will to be done allows Him to bring her His best, without needing to rely on the worldly pressures that often surround the current high schooler's life.  That way, she will have the tools and knowledge that God will always provide whatever she needs to make it through each day.

Lately my prayer has been for there to be peace in the midst of the trials that I, and my family and friends, encounter.  Thankfully, I have received that.  It helps me be able to trust that even thought I am not in control (very hard for me) He is, and it gives me hope!  What was meant to harm or hurt me, will instead be for good because God promises that to those who love Him!  His Word is filled with reminders of the fact that when we walk by faith, we will be equipped to handle whatever comes our way!  All we need to do is spend time with Him and read the beautiful gift of the Bible  for guidance and godly answers. What a blessing…

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